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NASDAQ Media Player


The NASDAQ Streaming Media Player is a browser-based application built on top of the JavaScriptMVC Framework. This was a challenging project requiring creation of a streaming media application that has a responsive design and works on all major desktop browsers as well as iOS and Android devices. The player is required to maintain real-time sync with commands sent from the presentation control panel in live mode. This app was built as a composition of independent, reusable jQuery modules which were placed in a library for other NASDAQ Application Teams to utilize. The application runs on the client browser and only depends on the server application for JSON configuration files, making changes to the back-end technology easier to manage.

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Brownstein Group Home Page

Brownstein Group

Brownstein Group wanted the new brownsteingroup.com web site to be easily managed through an administrative interface, but flexible enough to allow extensive customization using creative elements. I built their new site on top of the Umbraco CMS, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server. This provided them with a friendly WYSIWYG interface for non-technical users to update content, but allows developers to quickly make more major updates to the site using C# and XSLT. The site incorporates several interactive modules, including a Flash-based home page with a 3D feed of real-time employee tweets.

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IKEA New Lower Prices Web Site


IKEA was looking for an engaging way to present their "New Lower Prices" promotions. The client wanted an exciting visual presentation but also needed an easy way to update product content on a weekly basis. The Flash-based "New Lower Prices" module displays a list of products loaded from an XML file and renders them into an interactive, 3D tile-grid with dynamic motion transitions. This was a pure ActionScript project built using the FlashDevelop IDE.

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Gore-Tex Community Site

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc

W.L. Gore, maker of Gore-Tex™ brand fabrics, wanted to develop a social site based around the outdoor activities that their products are designed for. We built the solution as a custom Java/JSP application utilizing the KickApps cloud-based social media platform and the client's own Oracle database. The online social community (including profiles, forums, video/photo/media sharing, etc.) was delivered in a very compressed time-frame in order to meet an advertised promotion deadline and help the client with brand engagement. Google Analytics was used to record very fine-grained user actions/scenarios and track metrics on marketing goals.

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Windows Embedded B2B Site

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Windows Embedded is Microsoft's operating system for devices (automobiles, cameras, GPS devices, etc). In order to promote the product, Brownstein Group created a content and design heavy site that our team had to build using the Microsoft Infopath CMS interface. The home page was an interactive carousel that showcased various Windows Embedded Devices. In order to maximize the amount of users who could experience the home page creative, the carousel was built as identical Silverlight and Flash components.

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Astra-Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

For the Crestor Direct-to-Consumer web site, an ASP.NET template code base was built. This project gave me the opportunity to work with my team to develop and extend a library of classes and controls for use in building multiple web sites for this and other clients. The site template was shared by multiple teams to accelerate and standardize the development process. This project involved using MS SQL Server Data Transformation Services to regularly update tens of thousands of contact records from the client's Seibel database.

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